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Fried Calamari

Fried Calamari

with spicy marinara
$ 15.95
Mussels W

Fresh Steamed Mussels

In a red plum tomato or white wine garlic sauce
$ 16.95

Fresh Little Neck Clams

In red tomato or a white wine garlic sauce
$ 17.95
Cajun Shrimp

Cajun Hot Shrimp

Steamed in a cajun white wine & garlic sauce
$ 15.95
Cock 1

Shrimp Cocktail

Served with cocktail sauce and lemon
$ 16.95

Shellfish Medley Diablo

Mussels, clams and shrimp in a red plum tomato or a white wine & garlic sauce
$ 19.95
Spring Roll

Cheesesteak Egg Rolls

Whit chopped beef, sautéed onion & American cheese served with a spicy dipping sauce
$ 14.95

Fried Buffalo Wings

With blue cheese & crisp celery and carrots
$ 15.95
Grilled Wings

Grilled Buffalo Wings

With blue cheese & crisp celery
$ 16.95
Creole Fry

Creole Fries

Creole seasoned fries served with a side of cheddar dipping sauce
$ 10.95

Chicken Strips

Golden fried with a side of marinara sauce or honey mustard
$ 12.95
Buff Strip

Buffalo Chicken Strips

Tossed with buffalo sauce whit a side of blue cheese & crip celery & carrots
$ 13.95

Soup & Sides

Vintage Homemade Soup of the Day

Ask your server or barkeep about our daily selection of homemade soups
$ Cup $6.95 Bowl $8.95
Bow2l Biswque

Seafood Bisque

$ Cup 6.95 / Bowl 8.95
French Onion

Onion Soup

An onion beef broth baked with seasoned bread topped with Alpine Lace Swiss & provelone cheese
$ 8.95
Onion Rings

Onion Rings

$ 9.95
Mozz Stx

Mozzarella Sticks

$ 9.95

Sweet Potato French Fries

$ 9.95
French Fries

French Fries

$ 8.95


Sautéed in garlic & olive oil
$ 7.95


Grilled with garlic & oil
$ 8.95

Garlic Mashed Potato

$ 7.95

Homemade Cole Slaw

$ 6.95

Fresh Salads

Small Tossed -Czr

Small dinner Caesar or Tossed salad

$ 6.95 add chicken 13.95

Traditional Caesar

Romaine lettuce, croutons & parmesan cheese in Caesar dressing
$ 14.95

Southern Cajun Caesar

Cajun shrimp & chicken on Romaine lettuce
$ 19.95
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Grilled Chicken Caesar

With crisp romaine letucce
$ 18.95

Seafood Caesar

Seasoned grilled shrimp and jumbo lump crabmeat
$ 19.95

Grilled Salmon Caesar

Grilled Norwegian salmon on traditional caesar
$ 19.95

Tricolor Mixed Green

Vegetables & spring mix in balsamic vinaigrette dressing
$ 14.95
Cajun Mx Gr

Cajun Mixed Green

Cajun grilled shrimp & chicken on our tricolor mixed green
$ 19.95

Seafood Mixed Green

Grilled shrimp & jumbo lump crabmeat on tricolor mixed green
$ 19.95

Grilled Salmon Mixed Green

Grilled Norwegian salmon on our tricolor salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing
$ 19.95
Calamari Mix Green

Calamari Mixed Greens

Golden fried calamari over fresh fields greens tossed in an Asian sesame ginger dressing
$ 19.95

American Style Nicoise

Grilled yellow fin tuna, fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted peppers & vegetables in romaine letucce in Ginger dressing
$ 21.95


Crumbled blue cheese, crumbled bacun; tomato & iceberg lettuce topped with homemade blue cheese dressing
$ 16.95 add chicken 19.95
Greek DOS


Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, red peppers, feta cheese & oregano tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing
$ 14.95 add chicken 18.95 add shrimp 19.95
Asian Chop

Asian Chopped

Romaine & spring mix lettuce tossed in a ginger dressing with tomato, cucumbers, peppers, fried wontons, peanuts & mandarin oranges
$ 15.95 add chicken 18.95 add 5 cajun shrimp 20.95 add chicken & shrimp 21.95

Specialty Sandwiches (with home made chips & cole slaw)

Substitute French Fries
$ 2.25
Sweet Potato Fries or Creole Fries
$ 2.95
Small Caesar, Tossed Salad, Onion Rings, Mashed Potato, Spinach or Asparagus
$ 3.95
Turkry Club

Roasted Turkey Club

Healthy Choice smoked turkey sliced thin stacked with lettuce, tomato, crispy bacon & mayonnaise on rye bread
$ 16.95

American Grilled Chicken

With fresh tomato, lettuce & red onion with melted American cheese & honey mustard on a toasted bun
$ 16.95

Cajun Grilled Chicken

Spicy marinated grilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomato & red onion with a tangy lime mayonnaise on a toasted bun
$ 16.95

Buffalo Chicken

With lettuce, tomato, red onion & blue cheese on a toasted bun
$ 16.95
Phil's Chick Sqand

Phil's Grilled Chicken

With spring mix lettuce, tomato, roasted pepper, fresh mozzarella cheese & basil pesto on a toasted bun
$ 17.95
California Chx

California Chicken

With Cajun chicken, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, avocado, honey mustard & bacon on a brioche bun
$ 18.95

Casey Wrap

Cajun chicken, sautéed onions, peppers, cheddar cheese & pesto
$ 16.95
Salmon Sand

Grilled Norwegian Salmon Sandwich

Seasoned grilled salmon with roasted pepper, tomato, spring mix & Dijon mustard on a toasted bun
$ 19.95

Cajun Yellow fin Tuna

lettuce, tomato & a sesame lime mayo on a bun
$ 19.95
Shrimp Taco (2)

Cajun Shrimp Tacos

Lettuce, tomato, pineapple mango salsa & basil roasted pepper coulee
$ 17.95
Fish Taco

Cajun Fish Tacos

Grilled Cajun grouper, lettuce, tomato, pineapple & mango salsa & a roasted pepper puree sauce
$ 17.95
Crabby Patty


Homemade lump crab cake with tomato, spring mix & tartar sauce on a bun
$ 19.50

Cajun Grouper

with spring mix lettuce, tomato & lime aioli on a toasted bun
$ 16.95

Black Angus Burger

Grilled to your taste, topped with lettuce, tomato, sautéed onion and mushroom & American cheese on a toasted bun
$ 15.95

Bacon & Blue Burger

Black Angus beef with crisp bacon, aged blue cheese, lettuce & tomato on a toasted bun
$ 16.95
Bac Chedd Burger

Bacon Cheddar Burger

Black Angus beef with crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato & red onion on a toasted bun
$ 16.95
Tex Mex Burger

Tex-Mex Burger

Cajun seasoned Black Angus beef with avocado, lettuce, tomato, red onion & provolone cheese on a bun
$ 16.95
Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger

Spring mix, tomato, roasted pepper & honey mustard on a Brioche bun
$ 18.95
Fillet Sand

Filet Mignon Sandwich

Chiseled fillet mignon, onion, mushroom & American cheese on a bun
$ 18.95

Open Faced Hot Pastrami Reuben

Open faced with German Sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & Russian dressing on toasted Rye bread
$ 16.95

Premium Roast Beef Special (served cold)

PREMIUM 1ST CUT ROAST BEEF, Cole slaw, Swiss cheese & Russian dressing on toasted Rye bread
$ 17.95
Hot Roast Beef

Premium Hot Roast Beef

On a bun with provolone & horseradish spread
$ 17.95

Pulled Pork

our slow roasted pulled pork simmering in a zesty BBQ sauce on a toasted Brioche bun
$ 15.95

Veggie Wrap

Spring mix, tomato, roasted pepper, portabella mushroom, red onion, asparagus, Feta cheese & pesto wrapped in a tomato basil tortilla
$ 16.95
Port Sand to go

Grilled Portabella

marinated portabella mushroom with roasted pepper, tomato, spring mix & melted fresh mozzarella cheese on a bun
$ 16.95
Corned Beef Special

Corned Beef Special (served cold)

Toasted rye bread piled high with thin sliced corned beef, Cole slaw, Russian dressing & melted Swiss cheese
$ 17.95
Tuna Salad Sand

Classic Tuna Salad (served cold)

Our fresh homemade tuna salad with lettuce, tomato, red onion & Alpine Lace Swiss cheese on toasted rye bread
$ 16.95
Switch bread on any sandwich:
$ GLUTEN FREE BUN 2.95 or TORTILLA WRAP 1.95 Split charge 2.95

Entrees (with Caesar or Tossed salad)


Seafood Trio

salmon, crab cake & shrimp on spinach in a pink lobster cognac sauce
$ 31.95

Norwegian Salmon

A choice of blackened or grilled salmon over spinach with a fennel chicken broth reduction with sun dried tomato & grilled lemon
$ 26.95
Shrimp Dinner

Grilled Shrimp Dinner

Over sautéed spinach and risotto drizzled with tomato, scallion, basil, garlic and lemon
$ 25.95

Fisherman's Bouillabaisse

shrimp, mussels, clams, crabmeat & Salmon in spicy seafood broth on risotto
$ 29.95

Creamy Parmesan Risotto

Salmon, shrimp, porcini mushrooms & crabmeat
$ 28.95

Linguine & Clams

Fresh little necks on linguine in a WHITE WINE or a PLUM TOMATO sauce
$ 26.95
NY Strip

12oz. New York Strip Angus Steak

Grilled over garlic mashed potato topped with a Porcini mushroom sauce & frizzled onions
$ 31.95
Fillet Mignon

8oz. Filet Mignon

Garlic mashed potato, spinach, beef stock reduction & frizzled onions
$ 36.95

Chicken Parmesan

Italian seasoned chicken breast with fresh mozzarella & parmesan cheeses in a fresh tomato sauce with a side of linguine
$ 26.95
Ch Marsala

Chicken Marsala

On risotto with shallots & mushroom in a Marsala wine sauce
$ 24.95

Smothered Chicken

grilled over mashed potato served with mushrooms in a Dijon mustard cream sauce finished with frizzled onions
$ 25.95

Linguine Pescatori

Shrimp, mussels, clams and crabmeat over linguine in a WHITE WINE or a PLUM TOMATO sauce
$ 28.95

Linguine & Shrimp

Sautéed shrimp, garlic, basil & spices in a WHITE WINE or a PLUM TOMATO sauce on linguine
$ 24.95

Linguine Alfredo

Classic Alfredo sauce tossed with linguine
$ 19.95

Linguine Alfredo & Chicken

Classic Alfredo sauce & grilled chicken tossed with linguine
$ 24.95

Linguine Alfredo & Shrimp

Classic Alfredo sauce with Shrimp tossed with linguine
$ 26.95

Penne Piselli

Crispy crumbled bacon, chicken, fresh peas & red onion in a classic Vodka sauce tossed with penne pasta
$ 24.95
Rosa cropped

Penne Rosa

With sautéed shrimp, asparagus and parmesan cheese in a pink cognac sauce with olive oil, garlic & spices tossed with penne pasta
$ 25.95

Penne Chicken

With grilled chicken parmesan cheese in a pink cognac sauce with olive oil, garlic, spices & fresh basil tossed with penne pasta
$ 23.95
Lobster Ravioli

Lobster & Crab Ravioli

on spinach with a pink lobster Cognac sauce
$ 25.95
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